Chemical Anchoring

Pure Epoxy Chemical Anchor - (KWIK RE1000-PRO)

Approved for seismic loads according to category C1

Suitable for dynamic loads, Higher embedment depths.

Approved for rotary hammer drilled and diamond drilled holes.

Pure epoxy mortar with ETA option 1 approval, for use in cracked and uncracked concrete.

The mortar can be used for overhead applications and in dry, wet and water filled holes.

The cracked concrete approval is valid for fixing with normal threaded rods, rebars and an internal threaded sleeve. The approval covers threaded rods with diameters M8-M30 and rebars diameter Ø8-Ø32.

  • ETA CE Certified – Option 1 : Can be used in Cracked & Un-Cracked Concrete
  • Hard Plastic Body : Protects from transportation damages & material handling
  • Sizes Available : 585ml Cartridge
  • Air Tight Cap : Stop-n-go applications for repeated use.

KWIK RE1000-PRO is a Pure Epoxy based chemical designed especially for the Construction Industry. Few applications including anchoring of threaded rods, reinforcing bars or internal threaded rod sleeves into concrete (normal, porous & light) as well as solid masonry. KWIK RE1000-PRO being pure epoxy resin based mortar is used in rotary hammer drilled & diamond core drilled holes and are suitable for extreme loads & with high embedment depths. It has very high bond strength to concrete failure, thus making it suitable for very smooth climate conditions. Ideally suited for high load applications, the resulting bond is stronger than the base material itself and as the system is based on adhesion principle, no additional load stress is imparted to the base material as with expansion type anchors and are therefore ideal for close to edge fixing, reduced centre and group anchoring and use in concrete of unknown quality or low compressive strength. Installation temperature of KWIK RE1000-PRO from +5°C and a service temperature up to 72°C and has high chemical resistance for applications in extreme ambiences e.g. in swimming pools (chlorine) or closeness to the sea (salt). The product is supported with many international approvals which prove it’s capability in nearly every application.

  • Heavy Duty Chemical Anchor
  • ETA Option 1 Certification
  • F 240 Fire Resistance Certification
  • Suitability- Base Materials
  • Styrene free Chemical
  • Slow Curing
  • Steel & Wooden structural Beams & Columns
  • Cantilevers, Pipe supports
  • Heavy Duty Fixings
  • Pumps, Machines
  • Mechanical Equipment’s
  • Rock Anchoring
  • Percussion / Core drilled holes
  • Wet / Water logged holes
  • Guard rails, Gates
  • Heavy duty ladders
  • High loads & safe Chemical anchoring
  • Reliable fixing in cracked & un-cracked concrete
  • Excellent Bonding & low shrinkage
  • Wide range of construction Base Materials
  • Can be used for Deep embedment depths
  • Low odour, High chemical resistance
  • Fire Resistant upto 240 minutes
  • Concrete
  • Cracked Concrete
  • Light Weight Honeycomb Brick
  • Hollow Dense Aggregate Brick
  • Hollow Light Aggregate Brick
  • Solid Stone
  • Solid Brick