Gun & Foam Cleaner

  • Air Tight Valve : Can be used for gun / with spray adaptor without gun.
  • Dissolvable : Dissolves uncured foam.
  • Availability : Available in 500ml can.

KWIK KOMBI-CLEANER PRO is a Polyurethane Cleaner developed for removing stains and residues of both 1 and 2 component polyurethane foam. This can only be done while the foam is still fresh. Cured foam is non soluble and can only be removed mechanically. KWIK KOMBI-CLEANER PRO Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning the inside of Polyurethane KWIK KOMBI GUN used for installation of PU Foam.

  • Dissolves uncured polyurethane completely.
  • Perfectly degrease work surfaces (steel, glass, wood) before application of polyurethane or silicone
  • Safe for the surface of PVC and most plastics
  • Application from +5°C upto +35°C
  • The term of validity 24 months
  • Cleaning uncured Polyurethane Foam.
  • Cleaning the uncured PU Foam entrapped in the PU Foam Gun after application.